Principle Investigator

Prof. George J. Nelson is the principal investigator for the Multiscale Transport and Energy Conversion group at UAH. He is an Associate Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at UAH. Prof. Nelson received his Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2003, 2006, and 2009. Prior to his appointment at UAH he was an Assistant Research Professor at the University of Connecticut (2009-2012). Prof. Nelson specializes in multiscale modeling of transport in energy conversion and storage devices and 3D microstructural imaging and characterization, primarily x-ray nanotomography. His primary interests are applications in solid oxide fuel cells and electrolyzers, battery electrodes, and thermoelectric materials. He is active in the Advanced Energy Systems Division (AESD) of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, serving as Chair of the Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage (EECS) Committee and a member of the AESD Executive Committee. Prof. Nelson is a recipient of an Oak Ridge Associated Universities Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award (2013) and a National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2015).

Curriculum Vitae

MTEC Group

Spring/Summer 2020: (Top Row from Left) Austin Gabhart, George Nelson, Alex L'Antigua; (Middle Row from Left) Prehit Patel, Megan Flannagin, Joe Buckley; (Bottom Row from Left): Jacob Adams, Hernando Gonzalez

Summer 2017 (from left): Lucye Lamb, Matthew L'Antigua, Brandon Price, Gabrielle Andrew, Kyle Hileman, Raymond Chow, George Nelson, Ryan Longchamps, Hernando Gonzalez, SeungYoon Shin, Thushananth Rajendra (Not pictured: Joe Buckley, Jacob Adams)


Graduate Students

Hernando Gonzalez Malabet, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering 2021

Joseph Buckley, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering 2021

Jacob Adams, M.S. Mechanical Engineering 2020

Raymond Chow, M.S. Mechanical Engineering 2018

Ryan Longchamps, M.S. Mechanical Engineering 2017

Logan Ausderau, M.S. Mechanical Engineering 2016

Piyush Jibhakate, M.S. Mechanical Engineering 2016

Zach van Zandt, M.S. Mechanical Engineering 2015

Undergraduate Students

Elizabeth Andrew, B.S. Chemical Engineering

Gabrielle Andrew, B.S. Chemical Engineering

Hayden Arceneaux, B.S. Aerospace Engineering

Logan Grumbach, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Kyle Hileman, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Matthew L’Antigua, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Erin Looney, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Nguyen, B.S. Aerospace Engineering

Brandon Price, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Thushananth Rajendra, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Roberto Rivera, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

SeungYoon Shin, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Dontavious Truss, B.S. Mechanical Engineering