The Multiscale Transport and Energy Conversion (MTEC) research group specializes in the exploration of transport phenomena in energy storage and conversion devices.  Our projects address a diverse set of energy storage and conversion devices including:
  • Li-ion batteries
  • Solid oxide fuel cells and electrolyzers
  • Enzymatic batteries and fuel cells
  • Thermoelectric materials
We are interested in understanding how the multiscale geometry of these energy storage and conversion devices influences coupled flows of mass, charge, and energy. This multiscale, multiphysics interaction has significant impacts on device performance and reliability. We employ analytical, numerical, and experimental approaches in our work. Some of the techniques we use include:
  • In situ x-ray and neutron imaging
  • X-ray nanotomography
  • X-ray and neutron microtomography
  • Characterization of 3D microstructural data
  • Classical analytic solutions to transport equations
  • Multiphysics finite element analysis
  • Characterization of transport phenomena
  • Electrochemical testing